Projected Cash Flow and Financial Forecasting

Projected Cash Flow and Financial Forecasting

Projected Cash Flow and Financial Forecasting

Running the financial side of your business is more than collecting receivables, recording payments and sending payroll. You also want to know what happens to your bottom line if your top line grows by 10 percent — or falls by two percent. Will you be able to make your next big acquisition in cash, or will you need financing? How will hiring a new salesperson affect your revenue — and what happens if the rent goes up? A thoughtfully executed financial forecast can answer these questions and help you plan for the future.

What a Financial Forecast Does for Your Business

The team of financial consultants at Meticulous Books has years of experience helping businesses plan for the future. We will begin the process by comparing your current revenue and expenses with your financial history to identify and evaluate trends. By listening carefully to your goals and prospective plans, we can then develop complex “what if” scenarios that reveal a wide range of potential outcomes given certain actions. And based on what you believe is the most likely result, you’ll be better able to make the concrete decisions that will help you plan your future.

Timely Financial and Cash Flow Forecasting Services

Meticulous Books provides timely financial and cash flow forecasting services to small businesses using historic and real-time data combined with superior expertise. With our help, you can identify potential problems, take advantage of opportunities and make the forward-thinking decisions that will help you achieve your goals. Learn more about Meticulous Books financial and cash forecasting services, and gain the in-depth insights you need to make smarter decisions faster.

Unlike a static budget that never changes, a financial forecast is a “living” document that can change depending on your actual results and future plans. Meticulous Books can populate a customized template with real-time data and estimated information that also allows for ongoing modification, letting you see the future based on likely financial scenarios, no matter how frequently your plans may change.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Your financial forecast is an effective planning tool, but unless you have the cash on hand to back it up, you won’t make the progress you need. Your cash flow forecast tells you how influxes of revenue and outflows of payables affect your cash on hand. This information can help you make important decisions, such as whether or not you should consider securing financing or an outside investor. It can also tell you what you can afford to reasonably pay should you decide to take out a loan or buy inventory — while continuing to meet your normal financial obligations.

Meticulous Books believes financial and cash flow forecasting are two of the most important tools a small business needs to plan for the future. When your business needs access to the insights analytics provide, get in touch with us. We provide businesses like yours with expert analysis at the fraction of the cost of hiring a CFO or financial planner.

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